Friday, September 15, 2006

I hate turning 23.

When you turn 23, all of your friends who are younger than you think you're suddenly ancient, while everyone you know who are older think you're too young to be taken seriously.

Except for your father, who will call you at seven in the morning to sing to you and ask, "How does it feel to be 22?" When you tell him your actual age, he'll say, "Jesus! 23?! You're old!"

The only nice thing about turning 23 is that you can thank sweet Baby Jesus that you didn't turn 24. Because that's old.


gutenmegan said...

Thanks, Tyler. I feel great now. Way to isolate 1/3 of your T-list blogging partners.

I jk. Happy birthday. For the third time to today. Emoticon!

nomadic gnome said...

I'm 24. You just wait 35_ more days and you'll understand the bliss and superiority rights.