Thursday, September 14, 2006

I hate gas stoves.

I'm always afraid I'm going to set something on fire. My soup will boil over and I'll have a big flaming tomato mess and I won't be able to grab the potholders or worse I'll grab them and they'll catch on fire, rendering me completely at the mercy of flaming tomato soup, which will then spill onto the kitchen floor, through the living room, and chase me out the door.

I've been told that's not how gas stoves work, but I'm not familiar with these kitchen strange kitchen devices. I am best aquainted with the microwave, and for reasons Kelly will understand, the two of us should only be allowed to use the microwave under supervision.

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Anonymous said...

on the other end of the spectrum i hate electric stoves because i can never tell how hot they actually are. sure i can set the dial to 2 or 4 or 8, but a glowing red coil of metal is a glowing red coil of metal and it's frightening no matter what.

by the by, tomato soup is not flammable. i tried making a molotov cocktail out of it once and all i got was a glass bottle filled with a sock and lukewarm tomato soup. a day old grilled cheese would've made it the best hobo lunch ever.