Friday, March 23, 2007

I hate Corus Bank.

Last night I went to CVS to get a prescription filled. Because it's 2007, and I only write checks to my landlord, I planned to use my debit card. Of course, that was declined, which wasn't very reassuring because I look like I'm one of those people who can't afford their thirty-dollar prescriptions and have to drive up to Canada to stock up.

So I called my bank today since there was obviously something wrong, since my balance was definitely not under thirty dollars. And I got a lovely lady, Jasmine, on the phone, who informed me that my card had been "compromised" and they sent me a new one last week. (Let's not even think about how my card had been compromised, yet they waiting an extra week before they closed it, okay?) Anyway, I told her that because I wasn't expecting a new card, and because I receive tons of credit card offers in the mail everyday, that I probably through it away by mistake. (Oh, God, I've become the number one target for identity theft.) Then Jasmine treated me as if I was the biggest idiot she'd ever spoken to (and she must know, considering she WORKS IN CUSTOMER SERVICE AT A FUCKING BANK), and told me to check again at home just in case.

Oh, JJ, thanks for the help!

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Laurie said...

um...why would they choose not to tell you immediately when your card has been "compromised"? seems like information that might be of minor interest to you...