Monday, February 19, 2007

I hate your ballsy fashion choices.

I hate it when temps think they've been here long enough (two months) that they think it's perfectly fine to wear jeans on a Monday.

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Anonymous said...

i hate grocery store strollers.
people,(all of which are of, or about retirement age) they lean on thier carts as though they might fall over if they don't and form traffic jams in conjested areas in the store.
i hate kids that stare for no apparent reson except that they havent been taught not to. most noted and most hated, is the typical, cookie cutter, blonde haired little princess with her fingers in her mouth. clingy, whiny, spoiled little imbeciles that stare, and if they arnt staring, they are jumping up and down, spinning, skipping or singing stupid things. these little future brain deads cant stand still for one moment. these are the future clingy whiny little imbeciles that will grow up to be clingy, whiny, brain dead
stay at home mommys because they cant deal with the real world outside of mommy land. they will spend there days watching brain dead daytime tv and talking to to other brain dead mommys.