Monday, December 18, 2006

I hate being an hourly employee.

Here's a good reason I hate my job: I work from eight to four. We're allowed to work until five during the busy season to get some overtime hours. This morning I came in at 7:30 with the intention of staying until 4:30. And it's almost 3:30, and I'm really ready to fucking get out of here. But here's the problem: do I go in and explain to my manager that I came in early and deal with her being snotty? Or do I stay until four and just report 7.5 hours and risk my actual boss thinking it strange that I reported a half hour when no one else does? Or do I just stay until four and pretend that I didn't actually work an extra half-hour, just because it's a lot easier than having questions raised about my hours?

I'm so pathetic. I'm overworking myself and I'm not even salaried.

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