Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I hate when a cold becomes sickness.

Yesterday I felt pretty good! I was eating salad and oatmeal and I went running, for god's sake. The cold was a not-so-distant memory, but it was assuredly not present. Then I had a sushi date, who offered me more zicam, which I took not because I needed it, but as an extra precaution. See how safe and healthy I am?

Today I am sick. Fevery chills. Throat on fire. Bad night of sleep (could be blamed on sugar content of York Peppermint Patties and red wine combo, but whatever, let's blame it on the the sickness.

Now I'm starting to wonder if taking tomorrow off isn't really so ridiculous after all. I could use a day to sleep and eat soup and drink tea and moan about how awful I feel to my mom over the phone -- a person I have not spoken to in, oh, two weeks, but who really fits the criteria for someone I want to talk to now. Sympathetic, kind, willing to send me OTC medications and leftover Halloween candy in the mail because I am so poor, Mom, so so poor!

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