Monday, November 13, 2006

I hate smelly fratboy nerds.

I went to see The Decemberists on Saturday, which was a pretty good show (despite Colin Meloy's chattiness and the percussion section's enactment of the final battle scene in The Hobbit in the middle of the audience). What wasn't so great, however, was that we were standing next to two very greasy and smelly members of Sigma Delta Tau. Well, there was at least one SDT brother who was wearing a sweatshirt featuring his letters and something about waking up in a bar. His cohort was Some Dude who was wearing Harry Potter glasses and a black hoodie with "Come on baby, light my fire" printed across the back.

What brought these two together? Maybe they were old high school buddies whose only common interest was folky indie pop? I'd imagine the Harry Potter fan listens to Sufjan Stevens while masturbating to internet porn, and Frat Dog puts on some Iron and Wine to set the mood before he date-rapes Sigma Chi's sweetheart.

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Anonymous said...

I do believe that The Decemberists are now proggy folky indie pop.

So who knows, maybe they both like to rock out to Rush too...?