Monday, October 23, 2006

I hate my lack of motivation.

I've had seven whole days to write the two short papers (two pages maximum! that's just four pages!) for class tomorrow night. What did I do instead?

I've watched a whole DVD of Gilmore Girls.

I've gone to a conservatory. (I don't even particularly enjoy plants!)

I bought two pairs of jeans (total spent: $23).

I also bought a bitchin' scarf (it was the same price as the more expensive pair of jeans).

I saw Marie Antoinette.

I spent several hours trying to download the soundtrack to Marie Antoinette.

I went to a concert.

I went to a party! (A real party! With strangers! And people I know in vague ways! And, unfortunately, a lack of appetizing alcoholic beverages which forced me to experiment.)

I drunk-dialed someone after two mixed drinks!

So now, twenty four hours before my papers are due, I'm finally getting around to writing them. I've finished one, which only took dragging my ass to a coffee shop a mile away from my apartment. Did I mention that (I think, at least) it's FREEZING outside? And that the girl working here tonight has played an old Green Day album and then the new Coldplay album?

Shouldn't I sit here for another hour and a half and write the stupid second paper?

Yeah. I'm going home and eating a slice of pizza instead.

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