Monday, October 23, 2006

I hate getting out late.

So I took a little detour after work today and went to the movies instead of home. I saw Little Children, which was fairly impressive, and I got to see my drag queen friend who is the movie theater ticket-taker and always wearing the same color as me. Today was salmon. He has better hair than I do though.

But the movie was way longer than I thought.

And it was really cold when I left. And windy. And my earrings kept hitting me in the face. And where did all the people come from!? I had no idea what rush hour was really like until tonight, when I didn't get home until 7:30. At night, people!

Now I can't stop dancing to The Blow, and it's seriously hindering my gym possibilities.

Oh, and spiders in my apartment? I hate you. I see you too, when you scuttle under the dishwasher. I have a vacuum. And I'm going to get you.

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