Thursday, October 26, 2006

I hate it when people don't remember which foods I hate.

No one every remembers what foods I like. I know this may sound petty, but consider this anecdote:
For years, I have despised coconut. I hate the way it feels in my mouth (slimy and stringy), I hate the way that it tastes (like weird milk and babies), and I HATE HATE HATE answering questions on why I hate it. It's preference bitches, recognize.

Regardless, I feel like I express the fact that I dislike coconut on a fairly regular basis. Often enough that my family and close friends should probably know that I consider it a demon fruit. So what does my mom make me for my 18th birthday? A coconut cake. And what does she do when I don't eat any of the disgusting concoction? Force me to eat a big slice. Thanks Mommy. Love ya.

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