Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I hate unsolicited "food for thought."

From an email received from my mother:
There was an email circulating around at work saying that Maryland just passed a law that bans driving and talking on a cell-phone. A woman who works downstairs replied the next day saying that she stopped at a naval base on the other side of the bridge and asked the guard if it was true, and he said yes. Then on the next day a woman who lives in Maryland replied and said that she hadn't heard of the law, and she called the police station and they told her that it didn't exist. THEN this really annoying woman down the hall, whom I hate, replied to everyone and said, "Maybe it's just a good idea to pay attention while driving anyway and wait to talk on the phone when we get home. Just some food for thought." I wanted to reply back and say, "I think you ought to stop wearing those ugly-ass outfits and lose forty pounds. Just a suggestion."

And you wonder where I get my surly attitude.


Lar said...

i have never before realized how alike you and your mom are. does that mean you're gonna marry someone just like your dad? you might have to scrap with the hoe down the street first.

Anonymous said...

AND she used "whom" correctly!