Monday, September 18, 2006

I hate that I didn't bring my own snack from home.

I went upstairs to get some pretzels from the vending machine. I only had dollar bills and of course the change machine was out of order. I walked to the cafeteria to ask for change, and the woman told me that they don't make change. “The change machine is broke?” she asked. “Go ask the lady at the information desk!”

I asked the lady at the information desk where I could get change and she said, “Uhhh...” Suddenly faced with the problem of not having any information, she decided to just give me change from her purse. I went back to the vending machine, kind of embarrassed that I would have to walk back in front of her with a bag of pretzels, only to find that there were no pretzels in the machine and my only options were cupcakes made by “Mrs. Freshly” and nacho cheese Bugles.

Then I decided I’d just go to the eighth floor and try the vending there. But the machine was out of order. I just spent ten minutes searching for something to eat and now all I have are two quarters and five dimes.

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