Friday, September 15, 2006

I hate the Red Eye. And Zach Braff.

Breaking news from today's issue of the Chicago Tribune's Newspaper for Dummies:
On top of his already busy schedule, Braff tries to find time to approve the loads of friend requests on his MySpace page. Eventually, he also wants to tackle things on his "life to-do list," he says, including learning to horseback ride, playing the drums and flying a plane (He is taking flying lessons).

OHMYGOD that's so crazy because I'm on MySpace too!!! And Zach plays the drums? Wow. He's so normal. Just like me! Zach, I formally apologize for ever insinuating that fans of Garden State have no personality. See ya at the Snow Patrol show, dude!!!

PS. Zach, get some Burt's Bees for reals. Those lips are looking rough.


gutenmegan said...

Once upon a time Snow Patrol was good! Back when everyone was happy on Jeepster...before the Coldplay-like hits. Before the throat polyps. Before their lyrics started being embarassing to listen to. There was a time.

I cannot speak to Zack Braff. Sometimes I like him. I enjoy Scrubs! His new movie looks like shit.

Anonymous said...

I think he's great, and I loved Garden State, and I am officially offended! ;p

gutenmegan said...

His lips look Degrassi's Craig, Seasons 2-4. Someone finally got him some Chap Stick for Season 5.