Sunday, June 03, 2007

A list of hate, part two.

I hate running into my enemies at expensive open bar events, even if I can laugh that I did not pay fifty-five dollars for a ticket. But still, do not want enemy time.

I hate getting unsolicited text messages that just open flood gates for emotions I'm not prepared to deal with, especially after lots of free booze at said open bar.

I hate coming to the realization that I'm not a very good person, and that I don't treat people the way they should be treated.

I hate not being able to take compliments on my attractiveness, although I should really place blame on what was, I suppose, a twenty-year-long awkward stage which, apparently, I just broke out of.

I hate having five-hour-long drunk dreams about an ex, only to wake up with swollen eyes and a whole ton of confusion.

I hate being awake to see the sun come up, because the last time that happened was eight months ago, and I was feeling much nicer things about the person I've having such conflicted feelings toward now.

I hate having to hear I'm a genuine, good person, when it's so clearly difficult for people to figure this out from the beginning. I suppose To Know Me Is To Love Me, but I just wish it didn't take so goddamn long for people to come to that conclusion. After all, it definitely impedes my job search results.

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