Sunday, June 10, 2007

I hate Sundays.

I woke up today determined to do something, but I really wanted to do something on a very low-energy level. So I went to the movies, where I saw Once and thought about boys and generally made myself miserable for no reason. Then I decided to walk around Whole Foods, where I can't afford to buy anything, so I just salivated over the hothouse fruit for a while. After the fake grocery shopping, I decided to check out the Container Store across the street. I've always thought the Container Store was a euphemism for something much more interesting. I thought it was like a pared down Pottery Barn or something, and I need placemats! I was wrong though. It's just containers. All kinds of containers. So I got bored and really tired and took the subway to a real grocery store where I bought pineapple and oatmeal.

I've walked up and down a dozen escalators today and it's hot and I'm supposed to go to a show tonight, but ehhh. Maybe I'd rather smoke cigarettes and read my book up on the roof all night.

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