Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I hate getting drunk and losing shit.

Last night I went with a friend to the Science Club and drank too much wine. I kept reminding myself not to forget my sunglasses, which were pushed off to the side of table (note to self: you carry a large purse for a reason. next time, place sunglasses inside purse).

So of course I left them there.

After I got home and went to bed, I kept waking up from these horrible dreams in which I'd lost my sunglasses. And I kept waking up and saying to myself, "Megan, they're just sunglasses. Why are you being like this? This is not important."

Today I went back to the bar, where the very nice bartender found my sunglasses for me.

I think my brain is actively trying to find something to worry about the way I worried about my thesis for, oh, 18 months.

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