Sunday, May 13, 2007

I hate being misunderstood.

When you tell someone, "Hey, I don't want you or your ex-boyfriend to ever speak to me again," one might usually take that to mean, "Hey, this guy doesn't want me to contact him in ANY WAY."

Apparently, the Ex's Ex has a problem with communication. Specifically: he doesn't get that I'd like to avoid any with him. And he thinks it's perfectly appropriate to come up to me in a bar and ask if I'm "well."

Dude, stop pretending that you don't read my blog. You know I'm fine.

Also? You're a douche.

1 comment:

Lux Aeterna said...

honestly, i mean "this guy doesn't want to contact him in any way"
i hate misunderstood too... but that example confirms it