Monday, February 26, 2007

I hate nasty foods.

Ok, I will admit it: I am not a good cook. I can make pasta, salad, macaroni, various forms of stir fry, pasta and pretty much anything that comes out of a box(seriously, I'm super good at following directions, I have a dog-like obedience at times).

And I'm ok with my limited abilities, really, I am. My mom did not cook for me growing up (minus the occasional macaroni and cake - wait, do you see a pattern?) so she either took me and gutenmegan out to eat, let my dad make us dinner (too many hot dogs blown up in the microwave have a direct correlation to why I am a vegetarian), or let us eat whatever we wanted.

So until I came to college, it wasn't really an issue. I never even thought about it. But suddenly, potlucks are always everywhere and I feel somewhat forced to try garbanzo bean dip or vegan riblets when I would really much rather be eating a sandwich. No offense dudes, I'm just not an adventurous eater and the fact that you spent 8 hours making this dish just makes me feel even more guilty for not enjoying it.

And I'm not trying to say I don't appreciate the efforts of good cooks. I'm obviously a great fan of the restaurant experience, and I dig having others make food for me.

Regardless, I take great offense to people that assume not being able to cook is a massive character flaw on my part and will result in any of the following:
1) "You'll never get married! Boys only like girls who cook!" (I'm quaking in my sneaks)
2) Never being fully healthy (I think I probably have other things to worry about concerning my health besides my dependence on boxed foodstuffs)
3) "Cooking is like soooo social, who doesn't love having dinner parties and showing off your favorite dish!" (It's called a restaurant, I'll even pay. Seriously. Look into it. And when it comes to showing off my favorite dish, well, um, would you care to sample my wit?)

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Anonymous said...

you are fine the way you are, dont change.