Thursday, January 25, 2007

I hate...a lot.

Among the things I've hated this week:

- Breaking up. It always sucks.
- Changing my myspace profile relationship status. That was almost worse than breaking up. Almost.
- Roaches. Specifically the one that was chilling out on the wall when I got out of my shower on Monday morning.
- The cold. I like the cold, but it makes it difficult to want to walk the four miles home from work, something I usually enjoy.
- The exterminator. For not showing up today. Thanks, dude.
- Bean sprouts. Why do you just not taste good unless you're prepared in a restaurant?
- My car insurance. It was due this week. It basically stole an entire paycheck.
- Dehydration.
- Having absolutely zero plans for the weekend. Oh except work. Ha, wonderful work.


Benjamin said...

Roaches. Will. Not. Die.

I was washing dishes this afternoon when I noticed one of the fuckers making its way across the kitchen counter. I grabbed a coffee mug and, ostensibly, crushed said fucker.

I lifted the mug, wondering whether more roach-bits would be attached to the mug or the formica (roach-crushing is like snapping wishbones..), only to have the little bastard SPEED ACROSS THE COUNTER AND DUCK BEHIND THE SINK.


I also hate roaches.


gutenmegan said...

I just suck them up with my borrowed vacuum. My mom's going to be so psyched when I give it back to her.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for the roaches' eggs! Holy shit watch out for those!