Saturday, January 13, 2007

I hate new years resolutions.

Personally, I don't make them. Unfortunately, I suffer when other people do.

So I had been editing my thesis* for the past five hours, breaking only for super-imperative phone calls about how much Babel sucked and a frozen burrito, and I decided that if I really planned on making the six pages' worth of "light revisions"** my advisor recommended for my 62-page document of doom, I better take a real break. So I went to the gym with the intention of running my carpal tunnel off to Le Tigre, but nooooo ... all eight machines are in use at 7 p.m. on a Saturday. Wtf?

* Code for "reading blogs"
** Code for "massive overhaul." Joke's on Megan.


Anonymous said...

so, i googled "I hate my thesis" and i found you, my equal. i got out of school the 12/8 but stayed here til the 21st to get stuff done (stuff=over 2000 T Tests). I finally go home for my shortened "break" and come back to realize part of my data set was wrong and had to do them all over. so now i just got back to where i was. i HATE my thesis and i hate T Tests and SPSS.

gutenmegan said...

Oh god! I've had nightmares about SPSS. My degree is actually in English, but six years ago, I took statistics and I don't think I've recovered since.

So I'm sort of like you and your thesis, but the humanities side of the spectrum.

Are you studying psych?

Kelsey said...

Sorry, I was kind of drunk with that last comment so it didn't make complete sense. But no, I am a meteorology major at Mississippi State. I have to defend by March 30th, so it is definitely crunch time. I think I may get some of my friends to start a hate blog like this, it's awesome... and provides more opportunity for procrastination!

I have never had a nightmare about SPSS, but I did have one about my advisor getting in a fight with Reggie Bush on the sidelines of a football game. I am not really sure what that means.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. I googled "I hate my thesis" too. I wonder how many of us are out there...