Thursday, November 30, 2006

I hate Taco Bell.

I hate Taco Bell. During my break at work today I decided to go to Taco Bell because I've had a shitty week and I was so hungry that I was getting mean.

I got back to work and started eating my chalupas, only to find that Taco Bell decided to only make one of my two chalupas vegetarian.

I'm not flipping out because of my ideals or because of the poor animals but because I hate puking. Seriously. I mean, I know, who likes puking, right? But I really really hate it. When I drink, I have what I call a "puking point," where even when I'm inebriated, I know where to stop so that I won't give up the contents of my stomach.

If Taco Bell makes me puke, well,

I'll be upset.


gutenmegan said...

did you eat meat?!

Anonymous said...

you are a huge fagg