Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I hate teachers.

It's more complicated than the headline would lead one to believe.

I hate when I'm reading the blog of some random DC person, someone on my blogroll who doesn't know I read his blog, who has written a page-long ode to a favorite English teacher -- the same English teacher who once gave me a C for an entire semester based on my interpretation of some R.E.M. lyrics as poetry.

If he hadn't turned down all my other goddamn suggestions for lyrics based on the fact that he'd never heard of the bands maybe I could have analyzed the song lyrics -- an activity, by the way, I did every year of public school from eighth grade on -- more to his liking. We don't all marvel at the wonder of Dave Matthews Band lyrics. Pity, I know.

Okay, I was being pretentious and immature. I'm over it. Really.

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