Thursday, October 26, 2006

I hate American Apparel.

Dear American Apparel:

Shut the fuck up.

The first thing I think of when I see this girl wearing metallic silver leggings is: "date rape."

I can't explain why, but I do know it's bad.



Anonymous said...

In order to date rape her, you'd have to date her and i doubt highly that she'd date you. So what would you have american apparel do? stop advertising? put all those nice people in LA out of work cuz tyler said so? at least you said it was wrong. sorry i'm so crabby this morning. but really, go pick on the chinese who are shooting tibetan pilgrims or go yell at wallmart or something.

megster said...

I was in their store yesterday, the one that I discovered has been around the corner from my office for two years, and I felt slightly terrified. I was the only person walking around and there was a lone, punky girl in green tights sitting on the counter, staring at me. I eventually left because she was freaking me out. Also, I haven't worn unitards since tap class circa 1993.

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Anonymous said...

American Apparel is just short of hooker-clothing. I agree with the date-rape guy (...and let's face it, dressed like that, she'd probly date anyone!) AA clothing has got to be the tackiest, sleaziest, most out-of-date shit I've seen since Grandma's day. That or Jem and the Holograms days!! "Treats for Tricks"...HAHA, is the irony lost on everyone but me here??

Anonymous said...

you people need to relax, and find your sexy side! the shit (AA) is hot and if you got the body to wear it.... then wear it right.

ps. sense when do people hate sex appeal so much??

pss. I wear AA and am not a slut, but i sure do love the attention that my ass gets in those hot tight dresses.

Anonymous said...

triple ps. since not sense