Monday, September 11, 2006

I hate it when my roommate sabotages my coolness.

Remember when I accidentally listened to one song for eight hours and screwed up my statistics? Well, on Saturday, when I came home drunk as a skunk, I somehow didn't realize that "Careless Whispers" by Wham! was playing on my iTunes. Loudly. And repeatedly. It wasn't until a few hours later did I wake and wonder, "WHY IS THIS PLAYING?" I did not realize, however, that it was on REPEAT, so I changed it to another song which then played fifty times before I figured it out.

I was really confused in the morning, obviously, because I didn't remember playing "Careless Whispers" in the first place. Stranger things have happened, so I just decided that I was drunk enough to want George Michael's voice lulling me to sleep.

Last night I mentioned it to my roommate, who giggled for a few minutes after confessing that she was the one who put the song on repeat.

So here you can see that my weekly top artists are a little uneven:

And also, here are my top four most-played tracks:Notice how the song is lacking the plural. I look like such a jackass.

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